What Is EncrypterCoin
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What Is Encrypter Coin ?

Encrypter is new decentralised cryptocurrency which will lead this era to the finest and safest payment process. Welcome to the new solution of payment gateway service which will work on Binance based cryptocurrency ENCRYPTER. Encrypter works on the safest technology known as blockchain technology which keeps all the transactions data and it too the most securest way.

How To Buy ERPT Coin?
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How To Buy Encrypter (ERPT) Coin

ERPT COIN can be bought and sold through cryptocurrency exchanges. However, they will be available on many exchanges very soon. The Cryptocurrency Centralized exchange lets you trade cryptocurrencies and tokens. The platform runs on the Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain platform of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. It is based on automated smart contracts.

Now You Can Buy From Hotbit Trading Pair ERPT/USDT.


Tranding Platform

Go to Hotbit.io and Buy ERPT with USDT

Trade : USDT     Pair: ERPT/USDT

Go to Pancakeswap and Buy ERPT with BNB

Trade : BNB     Pair: ERPT/BNB


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Main Features

Key Features

Multi Chain Market

Binance Smart Chain are supported by Multi-Chain Markets, with more Chains to be added in future.

Risk Control

Define a set of risk management rules to avoid contract, market.

Aggregation Earnings

Encrypter vault, as a powerful hub among DeFi protocols, ensure maximum liquidity and maximizes aggregation earnings while increasing capital use.


Encrypter Roadmap

Quarter-II 2021

● Ideology of project created
● Implementation started
● Work on Token Creation

Quarter-III 2021

● Token Creation Completed
● Set up marketing development

Quarter-III 2021

● Hire expert website developer
● Website Background development Started

Quarter-IV 2021

● Create all social media accounts.
● Official Coin Launch
● Listed On Hotbit
● Expand and build community

Quarter-IV 2021

● We will List On CMC , CG , CoinRanking other Market Tracking Site

Quater-II 2022

● Own Centralized Swap Launch

UpComing Projects

● We Will Launch Own Centralized Exchange & Wallet.

UpComing Projects

● Staking at exchange , User can stack their coin our exchange.

UpComing Projects

● We Will Launch NFT Program At Our Exchange

UpComing Projects

● Metaverse Projects

UpComing Projects

● Own Blockchain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Encrypter Coin ?
Encrypter is new Binance based decentralized Cryptocurrency which belong to BEP-20 tokens.
How to buy Encrypter Coins ?
Anyone can buy Encrypter from Cryptocurrency exchange.
What Is Staking ?
Staking is a hierarchical plan in which by investing in it you will get maximum rewards, Stake the opportunities and grab future intelligence. Check out our stakes and pick the best one which is suitable for you. By investing in the systematic plan and by doing that you can ensure your future with the smartest and highest return.
How to store Encrypter?
User can store Their Encrypter to any of the BEP-20 Token wallet I.E. Trust wallet.
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